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Our Mission

PGP-Operation Land Reperation.jpeg

"Only by humbling ourselves to heal the earth beneath our feet, can we heal ourselves."  Kevin Fretz  

Save the farms and help our heroes! 


Conventional agriculture and horticulture over the past 70 years proved to be both beneficial and also very destructive over time. 


We restore soil health through products and methodologies that heal damaged soils through Bioremediation and Phytoremediation. 


Long term chemical or biosolid applications also load soils with complex chemical compounds, heavy metals and more.  


In the absence of a healthy and aggressive soil life, these pollutants and nutrients can accumulate to a point of toxicity.  


This process over time has become an assault on nature itself and has created dangerous pollution bi-products that affect our air, water, food and feed. 


These elements never disappear, however they can be safely remediated back into a healthy living environment. 


Patriot Green is drawing a green line in the sand, we are here to protect farms and fields, to honor the heroes and create healthier food for families with healthy earth standards! 

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