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Patriot Green Seed Topper & Dressing Super Sack

Seed Topper & Dressing — One Cubic Yard — Call for Freight Quote (512) 617-9355

Patriot Green Seed Topper & Dressing Super Sack

Available in Super Sack = 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet or 10 average size wheel barrel loads.

■ Assists turf in establishing a rich biologically based foundation of nutrients and beneficial bacteria
■ 1/4” sifted organic blend for grasses after aerification or scalping
■ Ideal for commercial hydro-seeding applications
■ Professionally blended & independent laboratory tested fro quality assurance

Ingredients: this product is regionally formulated from composted organic forest products.
Recommended application rates:
One 2 cu. Ft. bag per 75 sq. ft. at 1/16”
1/8” depth overentire surface.
2 CU. FT. (56.6 LITER)

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