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Providing Quality Natural Organics

Providing Natural, Quality Organics

While Supporting Our Veterans and First Responders



We at Patriot Green Products love our country and are committed to giving back to our communities. We do this by producing products that create a cleaner environment, while giving back to the selfless ones, the heroes that live among us, our Veterans and adults with disabilities.

Through hardships, Americans have been known in history to grow stronger by standing together. This spirit is at the heart and soul of Patriot Green.

We are down to earth, rooted in creating healthy soils that support healthy farms, healthy parks and healthy school campus programs.   

At Patriot Green, we strive to be good stewards of the land, so that we can leave behind a cleaner, healthier earth, for present and future generations.

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for our Veterans and First Responders

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Click on video sound and listen to our important message.

Kids playing on healthy green grass
Growing Healthy Farms
Kids playing in healthy soil and learning about nature
Quality Natural Organics - hands shaping earth for new sprouts to grow



Awareness of Patriot Green equals preparedness. Global unrest has created a crisis with fuel, fertilizer and food supply. Shortages and prices are on the rise. Communities need cost effective alternatives now! 

At Patriot Green, we provide relief through soil health, designed to grow pure food and help shoulder these challenges for you.

We are here for our peers, farmers and communities, with products that are proven to work. Creating a budget surplus is our goal for you.

Patriot Green Super Sack Ordering

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We will help you every step of the way!


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TERMS & CONDITIONS: Shipping costs for Super Sacks have variables, such as location, quantity, weight and timeframe that need to be determined before we can give you a delivery price.

SUPERSACK DELIVERY POLICY — The cost of your delivery charge is NOT INCLUDED   in your purchase of our Patriot Green Products SUPER SACKS
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Logistics Coordinator at NTG

We greatly appreciate your business!

“I’ve just finished listening to your second interview with Mike Adams-Health Ranger… I’m excited to look at your products and order for my own garden this year… my father was in the first wave to Korea from 1950-1952… he was a doctor who took care of the wounded… I hold your company in the highest regard.. thank you for what you’re doing for veterans and all of us across America "


Affiliate Partners

Over the past three decades, we have been privileged to work with experts and scientists from around the world.  We invite you to work with us and support our team!  

From soils to consulting, education and equipment, we’ve got you covered.


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At Patriot Green, we are creating communities of living soils to provide healing for food and landscapes.  Join us  as we strive to create a positive impact earth  and  future. 

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Thank-you for your support!

Kevin Fretz Soil Expert

Mr Fretz is one of North America's leading Eco-Capitalists. With 30 years of multidisciplinary business and product development experience, combined with applied soil science, Mr Fretz's contributions pioneered what is today, the organic products industry.

MEMBERSHIPS: CSPOA and The Earth Council

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