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Dustin brings 30 years experience in business development and a lifetime of experience in sustainability. His diverse background in technology, organics, health offers a unique perspective in the development of closed loop and semi-closed loop sustainable communities.  As a Marine Corps Veteran and former minister, he has the ability to work with leadership at all levels. As founder of Genesis Environmental he shares the vision that all humanity should view the planet as we would the microcosm of a garden or farm.

As a native Southern Californian, he grew up in a small town ranching community in the mountains of Julian, CA. Taking care of livestock, shoveling manure, composting, gardening were an innate part of upbringing.  Managing water use from a well, waste water from septic and heating with wood were just a part of country living.  In the late 70’s Dustin helped his father install a wind powered electric generator on the hillside of their property.  It was the first home use installation in San Diego County and probably in California.  Combined with solar powered water heating for electrical efficiency this household of five was selling power back to SDG&E at the rate of $40/month. The small Enertech Wind Generator was a key component in closing the loop for a household that could independently manage its own water supply, food production, energy production and waste management.

Dustin is now directing Genesis Environmental to assist in R&D for clean energy, implementing systems in organic waste remediation, organic food production and water purification.  The mission is to align with partners that will help create Environmentally Sustainable Economically Viable communities that can reduce their dependence on the public utilities of energy, water, waste, and organic food supply.


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