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Welcome to Patriot Green

As a man who struggled with disabilities for many years as a result of toxic water and soil poisoning on my family farm, I regained my health and vitality with nutritionally dense, organic food.  As a result, my passion to protect people and animals emerged in a pursuit to learn methods and science to create a balanced environment. This is the way our forefathers were good stewards to the land.


We all are born with purpose, but we must never stop seeking to find that purpose. One day when you least expect it, your purpose will be revealed to you. The truth is, we all stumble and fall along the way, but you must get back up, brush yourself off, and live to embrace each and every day. 


Our Patriot Green family wants to provide opportunity and purpose to those who struggle with disabilities and also to those who have served and sacrificed for our Liberty, our Veterans.


At Patriot Green, we look at ourselves as the new Greenstripe Movement, for our love of freedom and the earth, with products designed to heal. 


Please join us in making a positive change for your family and future generations, by choosing a Patriot Green product. 


Thank-you for your support!  

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