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Denise’s extensive background in real estate and mortgage banking has spanned over 20 years. 


She has developed skills pertaining to legal real estate ownership, documents, permitting, and title insurance.  She managed teams to develop specifications pertinent to investor requirements.  Her expertise progressed into marketing and she became passionate about results-driven methods.  

Denise enjoys working with cities, counties, communities, and non-profits.  She enjoys organic gardening, cooking, and restoring homes.

Denise has a clear understanding of complex financing guidelines, along with the flexibility of ever-changing standards and processes.  She has a thorough knowledge of legal documents, real estate contracts, mortgage loan documents, and current lending law practices.  Denise has also developed a diverse background that is a welcome value to the future development of Patriot Green Products, Inc. Sustainable Communities programs.  Her roots in Canada have provided a holistic approach to sustainability and the importance of organic farming and waste management. 

Denise is truly an asset to our Patriot - Green team!

Denise Fretz Photo
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